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If you'd rather use a unit other than ounces, just pretend it says what you want instead of "oz." I only put ounces there because it looked weird with no given unit.

If you're unsure about what values to give, here's a table of values that I basically got from wikipedia. If you're trying for something specific, you'll likely want to do your own research :-)

Dairy % butterfat
Skim milk <0.5%
Low fat milk 1%
Reduced fat milk 2%
Whole milk 3.25%
Half and half 12%
Single/Table cream 24%
Whipping cream 36%
Double cream 48%
Devonshire cream 55%
Butter 80%

If you want the fractions to be less specific, you can control that here:

(If clicking one of these boxes appears to have no effect, try clicking somewhere else on the page right after.)